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Thank you for stopping by my Gallery.
I am a traditional and digital artist.
I do all the artwork for my small art studio Sweet Sheep Studio.
Most of my skill is self taught from reading books, and studying tutorials online.
I also love to play MMORPG's, watch anime/cartoons, cosplay, and read.

Remember to smile and enjoy the art!

What scared you as a child? 

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5 deviants said I wasn't afraid of nothing!
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Long time no journal.

Hi everyone!  Sorry it's been a long while since I've posted a journal entry.

So Convention news!

I've got an Artist Alley table at Tokyo in Tulsa and Izumicon this year in Oklahoma.  So, need buttons, artwork, or maybe some fun hair things.  You know how to find us.  Look for the guy in the coat and steampunk top hat or the stuffed sheep covered in bows at our table.

We look forward to seeing everyone again at these wonderful conventions.

I've still been working on Night Raze and hope to have the first bit ready for Tokyo in Tulsa for people to pick up if they want to see something all my own.

I don't know what new fanart I'll have available but whatever it will be will be interesting.  :)

Space Tofu fan collage by Yunsildin

It's been a rough few weeks for me and my family.  Our dog, Tofu, died of old age two weeks ago and it's still a bit disorienting when we turn and expect to see her in her usual spots and she's not there.  She was a part of our lives for 16 years.  She was old by doggie standards.  So goodbye Tofu, we miss you.

So some movies I highly recommend that you likely haven't seen because they aren't as promoted as all those hollywood movies.  Make note that these are animated movies.

Nocturna-it came out about a year ago I think and I've been looking at it and finally watched it.  It's a wonderfully cute story about a boy who learns to face his fear of the dark.

Song of the Sea-a lovely story about a young Selkie and her brother, and the adventure they embark on to save the fairy folk.

So give these two at watch and see if you like them.

And now three nice tutorials that I've added to my tutorial favorites folder this year.

Watercolor Patients, Eat Your Heart Out!Consider this journal your watercolor primer! Listed in the sections below are the materials that will help you get well on your way with watercolor! I've included links to my watercolor tutorial series and other helpful watercolor tutorials around dA,  as well as some "assignments" if you would like some ideas to get you started :D
Additives, Pigments, Brushes, & Materials Shopping List

    1.     Table Salt. You can get some really interesting textures from using salt in your wet watercolor. The resulting texture can be altered by the size of the salt crystals. Table salt will most often give you very stippled texture, and sea salt will have a softer result. However, table salt can do both depending on the amount of water and salt you use, so it is a cheap staple to keep in your tackle box.
    2.     Rubber Cement. This is not the off

Lensflares without filters by Ranarh

Setting Prices for Your ArtworkThere are few hard and fast rules when it comes to pricing artwork to sell. Why you ask? Well for one there are many variables that go into determining the cost of the artwork. It’s for that very reason that many artists (including myself in the past) sell themselves tremendously short. Another reason we as artists feel our palms getting sweaty when someone asks for a price to an artwork is because we feel as though we’re not being true artists if we accept money for our work. No, no no. Listen, I can tell you from experience that the “starving artist” lifestyle is waaaay less glamorous than it sounds when your pantry is bare for reals. There is absolutely nothing shameful about getting paid for honest work, so don’t try to make yourself feel guilty or ashamed of turning a profit. On the other hand, artists fall into the mire of not even knowing how to price individual artworks. This confusion only gets worse when you look at the price tags i


So what are people favorite shows so far this year?  Anime or normal TV doesn't matter.

Mine of course are Sailor Moon Crystal, MLP FiM season 5, and Death Parade.

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I'm doing well.  Working on a new piece of artwork that makes me giggle maniacally.  Sorry to hear you got such a painful injury, head injuries always bleed badly.  I hope it heals quickly. 
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