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Thank you for stopping by my Gallery.
I am a traditional and digital artist.
I do all the artwork for my small art studio Sweet Sheep Studio.
Most of my skill is self taught from reading books, and studying tutorials online.
I also love to play MMORPG's, watch anime/cartoons, cosplay, and read.

Remember to smile and enjoy the art!

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Below is just my opinion on the Net Neutrality issue whether you agree with me or not I don't care.  It's up to you to make a choice.  It's our job to make these choices.  So don't discuss it with me.  Do your own research, make a decision and act on it.  Don't sit on your proverbial thumbs and do nothing.  Cause in the end we're the ones that made the choice and we have to live with the consequences.

I've heard this for a couple years in the U.S. and it keeps coming back to be voted on but in different clothes every time.  Every time it's been pushed it back.  I remember a few years back they tried to pull something with copyrights with online artwork.

This time it's called Net Neutraility.  The FCC (which is run by the Federal Government) is trying to make a power grab on the internet.  Net Neutrality is what they're calling it.  They want to make the internet "fair" for everyone.  Which is the lamest excuse I have ever heard.  Life isn't fair and it never will be so stop trying to make it fair.

If this passes and the FCC will get control of our internet, our providers, and the choices we can make online.   You can imagine the internet will not be the same anymore.  Are you happy with the way the internet is right now?  You can choose a provider, the speeds for your bandwidth, how much data you have.  Where you post online, what you post, and how much your post.  You won't get to make these choices really anymore if Net Neutrality passes.

In my few years I have learned it's never wise to give power to the Federal government especially when it will limit your own ability to make your own choices for yourself.  Our nation was built to promote Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Basically we have the freedom to live a life as we choose that makes us happy as long as it doesn't infringe on others lives, liberty, and happiness.  I do not and can not believe that the limitation of my choices in my life even online by the FCC will make me happy.  So I have to say NO to Net Neutrality.

The only thing we have to get our voice heard to stop this kind of power grab is calling or writing to our Senators, House Representatives, the FCC itself, you can even sign a petition.

Please make your choice!  Let your voice be heard by those who can cast that vote to stop or allow this.

If you are like me and are against Net Neutrality here is the petition that's out there for signing.…

And Azure who commented below reminded me of this wonderful video, it's worth the watch.  [link]

Thanks for reading if you did.

Your welcome to post comments on this journal but you are warned I'm not going to be responding to them.  I've never been great at debate.  Besides I'd rather you all did your own research like I did and make a decision.
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hey posted somethings up
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hey girl how are u me in pain i split scelp to day i was bleeding really badly
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I'm doing well.  Working on a new piece of artwork that makes me giggle maniacally.  Sorry to hear you got such a painful injury, head injuries always bleed badly.  I hope it heals quickly. 
leairon Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah im in pain but knowing u care makes it all better
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